Dear Colleagues

We are very happy to announce that TAKE 2024 – The Multidisciplinary Conference on Intangibles will be held in presencial mode at Universidade Lusofona de Humanidades e Teconologias (ULHT) in Lisbon, Portugal, between the 2nd and the 4 th of July 2024.

TAKE 2024 is the eight edition of TAKE, following seven previous editions in Aveiro, Portugal (2016), Zagreb, Croatia (2017), Poznan, Poland (2018), and Vienna Austria (2019) and Online (2021) and Hybrid (2022) in Porto, Portugal and in Hybrid mode in Sopot and Gdansk in 2023.  Information about the previous events may be found under the Heading Organization – Previous Events.


TAKE Spirit – bridging between theory and practice. 

TAKE is an international scientific conference devoted to the multidisciplinary study of the knowledge economy. In particular, it intends to analyze the relation and the gap between theories and practices in the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

As researchers, lecturers and practicioners, we know that theory evolves as long as practice demands. And we also know that answers for social problems require multidisciplinary efforts. Many times social scientists live in silos. We believe not only theory should meet practice but also scientist with different perspectives should meet.

Therefore, we bring together researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to discuss, advance, and shape the future of the knowledge economy.
Following the experience of previous TAKE conferences, we will put together experts from different fields such as Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management, Logistics, Retail, Public Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business Models, SMEs, Competitiveness and Accounting. This diversity and wideness transforms TAKE into an unique forum. The closeness and friendship between participants is another element that turns TAKE conferences into unforgettable scientific events.

Take 2024 – Working, Training, Learning, Unlearning and Relearning in Post-Covid19 societies- virtualities, opportunities  and challenges 

After COVID-19 the world entered a new phase in which we are neither in the Old Normal of before COVID-19, neither in what we called the New Normal of the pandemic times,

Quite crucially, this new phase is here to stay, because the experience of COVID-19 effectively changes us and changed societies.

Therefore reflection and studies are needed  on what is to work, to learn, and to train nowadays.

We welcome your analyis for TAKE2024.

See you in Lisbon in July !