Doctoral Workshop


This is a practical workshop. I will be adapting a technique called ‘future basing’ to help students to envision themselves in the future then from that place in the future to reflect back on their doctoral progress and from there to create a realistic plan for themselves. It means celebrating our strengths and being honest about our development needs. We all know ourselves better than we think.
It will be supportive and fun. If you have any particular needs that we need to accommodate please let me know. It does not matter what stage you are at in your doctoral studies
Please come along with a summary of your research question/topic that you can share (orally if you can or written on the screen or both) in approx 30 seconds, that is, it must be very succinct. Use plain simple language that most people would be able to understand without being an expert in your field. You may need to define a particular term you want to use if there is no plain English

Track Chair

Julia Claxton PhD (Cognitive Psychology)

Leeds Business School

Leeds Beckett University, UK