Education and Human Resource Development

We welcome scientific work on the following topics:

  • Relevance of HRD Theories to Practice
  • Transfer of Training
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and HRD
  • National HRD Research, Theory, and Practice
  • Values and Ethics in HRD
  • Quality of Work Life
  • HRD’s Role in Community Development
  • HRD’s Role in Social Development
  • HRD’s Role in Economic Development
  • Information & Communication Technology and HRD
  • Workplace Learning
  • Social Networks in HRD
  • Innovative Practices of HRD
  • Performance and Career Development
  • Gender/Diversity and HRD
  • Global/Cross-Cultural HRD
  • Emerging Issues in HRD
  • HRD’s Role in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Evaluation of HRD Activities
  • Relationship between HRD and HRM
  • Preparation of Expatriates for International Assignments


Track Chair


Gary McLean
University of Minnesota, US


Daniela Dimitrov
University of Maryland Global Campus, Adelphy MD, USA