Publishing Opportunities

Publishing opportunities

TAKE offers different opportunities to publish accepted and presented conference abstracts or papers:

Before the Conference

Book of Abstracts, Private Distribution

All abstracts will be included in the Book of Abstracts


After the Conference


Springer accepted to publish a version of selected Conference papers as the TAKE2024 Proceedings.

The important facts are the following:

1)        The title of the Book is  “Intangibles in the Knowledge Economy – Proceedings of the TAKE 2024 Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 2 – 4 July 2024”  and is to be included in the book series Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics which is SCOPUS indexed

2)        The papers that will figure in the Proceedings cannot be published elsewhere.

3)        Before the Conference participants will send abstracts for the Book of Abstracts and papers for the Proceedings. We will give authors a first opinion about the papers before the conference,

4)        After the conference authors might revise their work and resend the papers until September 15th .

5)        Papers will be double blind analysed by Stream Leaders and their acquaintances and authors will receive a review by October 1st

6)        Final versions for the Proceedings by Springer should be ready by November  15th

7) In the event of a very large number of finalized papers a selection of the best will have to be made.

8 )  The book should be published in December 2024


Papers in Journals :

The journals listed below may consider publishing articles presented at the conference. Selected papers need to be extended and adapted according to the journal’s requirements.

The TAKE 2024 conference will be supported by the following academic journals which may consider adapted conference papers for publication:

  1. Business Excellence Journal  ISSN: 1846-3355
    “Business Excellence (Poslovna izvrsnost) is scientific journal covering all aspects of quality and business excellence. It is periodical published by Croatian Institute for Quality in Zagreb, Croatia in cooperation with Znanstvena knjiga, d.o.o. and Department of Trade at Faculty of Economics and Bsiness Zagreb

2._Economics and Business Review

Economic and Business Review is a double-blind refereed OPEN ACCESS journal that aims to further the research and disseminate research results in the area of applied business and economic studies, including various fields of economic research, bank and financial management, business informatics, entrepreneurship, international business, management and marketing.

It is expected that submitted articles contribute to increased understanding of the phenomenon studied and are efficiently written, methodologically clear, conceptually and empirically rigorous, readable and bias free

3_European Journal of Training and Development 

“The journal aims to provide all those involved in research and practice in training with ideas, news, research findings, case examples and discussion on training and development. The journal focuses primarily on activity in Europe, although draws on insights from the rest of the world where they are seen to make an appropriate contribution”

4_“International Entrepreneurship Review” (IER) 

International Entrepreneurship Review” (IER) (previusly published as “International Entrepreneurship | Przedsiębiorczość Międzynarodowa” IE | PM) is a scientific journal published by the Centre for Strategic and International Entrepreneurship in close cooperation with the Department of International Trade of Cracow University of Economics, issued quarterly.

The journal covers the results of research and exchange of experience related to the issues of both international microeconomics (firms as a research subject) and international macroeconomics (economy as a research subject), with particular emphasis on international entrepreneurship in various spatial systems of the global economy.

“International Entrepreneurship” publishes scientific articles, among others, in the following areas: international business, international trade, global economy, international finance, economic integration, entrepreneurship. You are very welcome to submit your article into our journal.

5_International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy & Research  

The International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy & Research is a new peer-reviewed journal which seeks to bring together international practitioner and academic expertise to promote and support the understanding and practice of Human Resource Development.

Much is discussed about bridging the academic practice divide. It is in many way a false distinction but a challenge nonetheless. Critically, the International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy & Research seeks to approach this challenge from first and foremost a practice perspective. It is a practice centred journal which nonetheless provides the opportunity to synergise practice with theory to develop further insights to inform both disciplines. It offers the critically reflective professional practitioner insight, ideas and understanding on the contemporary issues and challenges facing HRD, its impact and influence. The types of contribution sought are described in more detail in the Contributor Guidelines. Interested contributors are welcome to contact any of the Editorial Board to discuss their idea

6_International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development 

“IJKBD serves as a multi-disciplinary platform with a systems approach to the theory and practice of  knowledge-based development activities and processes, focusing on knowledge cities and societies, knowledge-based urban development, knowledge and innovation clusters, and knowledge-intensive service activities”

7_Journal of Knowledge Management Application and Practice

“This journal presents peer reviewed research articles and case studies to academics, practitioners, researchers, and policy makers concerned with advances in the field of Knowledge Management, its philosophy, practice, application, implementation and development. By challenging existing current assumptions and status quo, the journal seeks to stimulate, promote and shape the future of KM. The focus of the journal is on innovative advances in KM strategies and the application of theoretical concepts

8  Journal of Positive Management  ISSN/2392-1412

„Journal of Positive Management is the forum integrating academics, researchers and practitioners around problems of modern management. Particularly, we would like to encourage and inspire contributors to adopt positive perspective in their analysis and discussions. Taking this perspective submitted manuscripts should cover theoretical development and practical application of both the “hard” and “soft” aspects of management”.


LogForum is a scientific journal created to be a global forum for an exchange of scientific achivements and implementations in the field of logistics. The journal, founded by the Poznan School of Logistics (Poland), has been supported by many scientific authorities in this branch (Editorial Board).

10_Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 

“Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest research on management and economics challenges in the context of the emergent knowledge economy”



Articles should be prepared based on the requirements of the individualjournals.

The selected texts will undergo a review process in accordance with the benchmarks of the standards of the individual editorial offices. 

The decision to qualify articles for the individual journals will be taken by the editorial boards.

The conference fee does not include the possible costs of publication in journals. Furthermore, the conference organisers do not guarantee the publication of articles in the listed scientific journals.